"Cyber Threat Intelligence : A partner in Risk Management"

ThreatQuotient would like to share this whitepaper written by Muneeb Imran Shaikh.  Read about Muneeb's insightful approach to cyber threat intelligence and risk management. 



"Risk Management is a reflection of maturity, a demonstration of due care and due diligence contrary to the notion of blindly accepting challenges, moving from one crisis to another and considering it “Resilience.” 

As organizations engage in risk assessment exercises, it is availability of data that becomes a primary factor to decide whether a qualitative, quantitative or a semi-quantitative analysis approach will be adopted.

Threat-centric risk scenarios are derived from examination of threat agents and the vulnerabilities exploited by cyber criminal or other threat actors.

Adopting a threat-centric approach keeps the risk management team abreast of potential methods of attack, threat actors and cyber criminals targeting the Industry vertical or region along with their motivations."

Download to learn more about : 

  • The perception of risk
  • Where cyber threat intelligence fits into risk management
  • How to incorporate a product life cycle model