September 19, 2017, 11:00am EDT

Tech Session

Catching Phish with PhishMe Intelligence and ThreatQ

Discover how PhishMe and ThreatQ together enables you to normalize, relate, enrich and track phishing threats in the Threat Library; and automatically deploy prioritized and relevant data to your sensor grid for detection and blocking.

In this Tech Session you will learn to:

  • Ingest indicators of phishing, including payload URLs, command and control servers, malicious files, IP addresses and more
  • Extract indicators related to campaigns
  • Import PhishMe human-readable Active Threat Reports to easily link indicators with context
  • Extract and store phishing campaigns, malware families and malware artifacts in the Threat Library

Join Michael Clark, Director, Threat Intelligence Services at ThreatQuotient and Mike Saurbaugh, Director of Technical Alliances at PhishMe and learn more about this integration.

timely-icon-100.pngSeptember 19, 2017, 11:00am EDT

Mike Saurbaugh
Mike is the Director of Technical Alliances with PhishMe. Prior to PhishMe, Mike spent nearly two decades in financial services technology and was the head of information security for 12 years. Mike has several years conducting security consulting engagements through his practice, and has been a trusted advisor, analyst, and research director to companies worldwide. Additionally, Mike has led a number of strategic projects and has been a mentor to security vendors and their management. Mike holds a Master's of Science in Information Assurance from Walsh College and served as an advisor to college curriculum information security programs.

Michael Clark
Michael currently serves as ThreatQ's Director of Threat Intelligence Services. He has been working in the Information Security industry for over 18 years in a variety of roles. Michael's background includes many years as a CNO Developer, Security Researcher, and one of the early members of the Honeynet Project. He has given presentations on a number of topics for organizations such as the FBI Academy, NSA, and West Point. Michael currently resides in the Philadelphia area, where he graduated from Drexel University.